Christian Koopman, MSc.


Adventure! The outdoors! Emerging yourself into what life is all about: feeling alive! 
What if I could grab that emotion and bring it home to show other people? To make them feel what I felt 'out there'?

That's how I got into adventure photography. Because photography allows us to capture a moment for eternity, freezing time and transporting that moment with you wherever you go. As if one could print his or her own memory. To look at it and live that moment too, or again. Photography is therefore not so much an art, as a tangible medium which allows us to transfer intangible experiences, feelings and emotions.

Working in remote area's and ever changing conditions, I use nothing but the (natural) light available on site. All of my pictures spontaneous, keeping me at the edge of seat when I'm on an adventure. Because at the blink of an eye, the moment is gone and will never come back. 

I try to capture what I see and feel and do not do high levels of post-processing afterwards, for to avoid creating false, misleading illusion not true to the original moment. There is most certainly a time and place for those techniques, but I do not believe they contribute to my vision on photography, which is to freeze my memory and be able to hang it on a wall. For everyone to enjoy.